With White Rice

  • S1. Bulgogi Beef or Chicken

    • $13.95

    Shred and marinated, this popular Korea dish is sauteed with onions and scallions in our mild spicy sauce

  • S2. Scallop with Beef

    • $14.95

    Tenderized beef sliced sauteed with scallops in delicious sauce

  • S3. Four Season

    • $13.95

    A stir fry combination of shrimp, sliced chicken, beef and roast pork with Chinese vegetables.

  • S4. Triple Delight with Garlic Sauce

    • $13.95

    A combination for chicken, beef and shrimp with fresh Chinese vegetables cooked in garlic sauce

  • S5. Happy Family

    • $15.95

    Crab meat, sliced chicken, roast pork ,beef, and shrimp stir fry with fresh Chinese vegetable in chef’s special sauce.

  • S6. Seafood Pan Fried Noodle

    • $15.95

    Lobster meat, crab meat, scallops and shrimp cooked with Chinese vegetalbes in chef home made seafood sauce 

  • S7. Spicy Crispy Beef

    • $13.95

    Crispy beef celery and carrot in a sweet tangy sauce.

  • S8. Crispy Roast Duck

    • Half $16.00